Create a Sewing Business
Add Income to the Family Budget

Create a Sewing Business that produces quality work and you'll do more than add a few dollars to the family budget, you will be in demand.

Whether you are making elegant draperies or stuffed bears demand will keep you in business no matter if the economy is up or down; quality work will keep your clients for years to come!

Every city or town needs a  seamstress or fabricator, may as well be you! Design it to last.

The Goal is Build to Last

Whether you are starting a home based business or have a large workroom, building successfully starts with a desire, belief and vision; With clearly defined goals, proper mind set, and a good business plan .

This site is about many aspects of the sewing industry from ideas to pricing your work for profit. 

Profile and specialize your business

Starting with:

  1. "What's your expertise"... or what are you offering in your business? Finding the best sewing idea for your home business can be difficult. People who sew are very creative and creative people can make most anything.
  2. Should you offer everything? Making anything and everything may cause burn out, very quickly.
    However specializing in a few things will make your work much more enjoyable, you can always add more items as you move forward. Give yourself an advantage...Specialize and Profile. 
  3. Learning how to Price your sewing for profit. Determining the right jobs for your sewing business is only half the equation the other half is Pricing. What do you charge in order to make a profit?  Your business will be short lived if you don't charge enough or if you charge too much. How do you determine the right price for the job? What's your hourly wage?  Do you pay your expenses from your salary or the business income. Not sure what to charge Go here for a complimentary pricing session. See if your prices are up to the market standard. 

Sewing Business Ideas

Navigating through our site you'll find several books and patterns for sewing ideas , from teaching sewing, window treatments, or crafts. The sky is the limit on what you can make to sell.

You will find several pages dedicated  to making  Roman shades, simply because I Love to Make Roman Shades and I know you will also, once you learn the basics. They're one of the easiest treatments to make with a big cash return.

Are you more into Quilting,  Fashion design,needlework or special occasion seasonal crafts or recycled crafts.

Learn sewing Machine Repair. Everyone that with a sewing business knows how important it is to maintain your equipment. Men and women alike, can earn up to $30,000 plus per year, just repairing machines.

List your Business with us and get found

Have a sewing business and want to share your creative ideas with  the world?  List in our directory.  We give you a full page to shout out to the world.  

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Your Next Step

This site was developed not only to give you resources, tips and techniques for establishing a successful business, but also to encourage you to be your best.

When you place value on you and what you do, it will naturally flow through to your work, your clients and ultimately the success of your business.

Inside we will explore several aspects to developing a profitable home business. On the lighter side you will find a few humorous stories and few sewing masterpieces.

Please feel free to contribute your own showpiece or you may want to leave your sewing success story.

I am excited to bring you this information and I encourage you to create a sewing business that produces Quality Work. one that establishes "YOU" as The Expert.

First step is to Profile your business, then develop a Mission Statement. Next develop a business plan and most important is to develop a schedule to work your plan. You decide how big you want your business to be, ultimately you are in charge and the sky is the limit.

If it's been made once it can be made again. Never limit your possibilities. If one sewing niche is not profitable try another.
If you can thread a needle and sew two pieces of fabric together, you can have a business.

Sewing Business Profile

Welcome, I'm Patty Jones Creator of this site.  It's A New Day, Time for a New Creation.  May You Sew Seams and Reap a Harvest.                   


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