Marketing A Business for Longevity, Stability, and Increased Profits

Learn how marketing a business with a Good List of Marketing Tools will begin attracting customers to your sewing business immediately.

Having a good marketing plan will insure your longevity, create stability and increase the bottom line.

It's like stirring up a cake, if we leave out the main ingredient it doesn’t taste good and no one wants a piece.Same concept with starting a sewing business. if we leave out the main ingredient "no one comes", why; they don’t know where you are and what goods and services you provide.

“FAILING TO Market Your Business is like being all "DRESSED UP" and "NO WHERE TO GO”

Barbara Wright Sykes

Know the marketing tools available to you in your area and applying those tools will position your sewing business for success. Leave out marketing and you are putting your business at risk of failure.

Establish Your Presence

Establishing your presence will require a good list of marketing tools and some skill in using those tools. You should start with who do you know; now let’s not expect Aunt Sara or you Sisters to keep you in customers. If you recall they want it for free or as cheep as you will allow.

Your goal is to MAKE MONEY, not give it away.

So, let’s review a list of “Must Dos” in order to make your presence known. Most will apply to your sewing business, some may not, it will all depend on your target market, but all methods are geared toward branding you and making your presence known in the sewing industry.

Marketing a Business is not hard the hard work has already been done. Gaining the skill and developing those skills was the hard part of sewing. Now that you know how to thread that needle, bring in the cash.

First Things First-What are your Goods and Services?

What do you want to sew? The list is endless, here are a just a few to think about.


Window Treatments, Home Decor, Seasonal, Quilting, Upholstery (home, recreation, boats, RV’s).
Clothing, (Baby, Children, adult, women or men, Tailoring, bridal, formal, special occasion.Crafts, Theater, Plays, movies,  pets, etc. etc. etc. the list goes and goes.

How about Etsy!! Do you have the patience to build a presence at Etsy or do you want to build your own website to sell your products



Will you do on site work? Do you offer teaching services? Do you offer retail products? Offering this service could make a big profit especially if you sew bridal and formal wear.

Offer invitations or bridal accessories.

The avenues of revenue are endless when you think about it consider and list all the possibilities.

Think of 5 years from now, if you have a cottage industry or home-based business, can you see yourself in a commercial industry? “WOW” that is thinking big, but not impossible. New Industries are starting every day. Why not you??? You have the ideas! Think of marketing a business into the future.

Your Target Market

When you are marketing a business who are the people most likely to hire you?

For instance if your sewing business is for window treatments, home decor or "Retro sewing", Designing and Sewing Fashions Inspired by the Past" who will you be targeting?

Professionals, new home builders, offices, decorators, fabric stores, RV dealers, houseboats.

Profiling your customer will give you the right information in order to get you marketing plan started in the right direction.

Study the Competition

I don't mean "Check Them Out" I mean STUDY THEM!!

It is critical to know what you are up against in the marketplace.

You may choose to hire a marketing consultant or do your own research. One thing is sure, if you want to survive in business you need to KNOW YOUR COMPETITION AS WELL OR BETTER THAN YOUR CUSTOMERS..

If you are business home internet marketing, think global competition. Ask your self these questions.

Who is your competition,online and offline?

What are they offering?

When are they open?

Do they advertise?

Where do they advertise?

Do not leave a stone unturned when studying the competition. You will learn to be one step ahead in your goods and services to present your business as a cut above the rest.

If you know your competition form a basic plan to attract clients, specialize in a few items, become the expert.

The competition is fierce and you need to be prepared for all possibilities.

Marketing a business for sewing with a good list of marketing tools is critical to your success.

The jobs you offer will be the deciding factor in what type of marketing you choose for your business.

I am assuming if you have gotten to this point you already know what you will be sewing.

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Marketing A Business to Basic Business Plan

How to get and Retain your Customers


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