Roman Shade pricing is figured by Square foot of the Shade

Roman Shade pricing doesn’t have to be intimidating once you know how to measure and figure square footage.
Roman shades are priced by the square foot coverage of the shade.

Which is determined by multiplying desired width x length /divide by 144=square foot measurement, rounded to the highest number. Multiply the square foot by the price per foot.

Do Your Homework.

What do you charge per foot?

Most standard roman shades pricing starts at $17.00-$19.00 per foot, but can be significantly higher. Custom roman shades can cost anywhere from $80 to more than $600 for a small window.

The fluctuation is dependent on several factors, type of shade, fabric choice, or embellishments, includes, head rail, cord lock, cordless, blackout lining, just to mention a few. You will adjust your prices accordingly.

Location may also have a bearing on your roman shade prices; however we want you to make a profit in your sewing business, do your research in your area.

If you discover $17-19 per foot is a bit steep, but you still want to charge that price. Think about offering a discount if they purchase more than one shade.

When negotiating prices always quote your highest charges, it.s always easier to come down that to go up; never be shy with your pricing.

Position yourself as the expert and your work will be in demand then the charges will not be an issue.

You are ultimately in charge of your price list. Making sure to value what you do when you determine your charges.

Bay Window Example

Roman shade pricing is all based around one formula, Width x Height / 144= square feet x price per sq. ft.

Embellishments, trip and installation are always extra charges.

A Bay window can be a little more challenging simply because of the angles. I used a Dust-board Hinge Plate and Protractor to make functional calculations easier. (Rowley Company)

Using the proper equipment and supplies will save time and… time is money.

Pricing a Balloon shade is figured by the square foot, as all window shades, for this shade the price was $32.00 per square foot.

For the bay window charges were figured: Width x Height / 144= square feet x price per sq. ft.

1. Total coverage 90" wide and 50" long
2. Calculate by taking 90x54=4860 total inches
3. Divide 4860/144=33.75 square feet, rounded to the highest number 34 square feet
4. Charging $32.00 per sq.ft. x $34.00=$1088.00
5. Total charge, $1088

That does not include trip charges, instillation or embellishments.

A bay window like this one should not take more than 1 1/2 days. That is if you are working alone.

Do your research, if your area will support these charges, consider the possible incorporating making roman shades into your sewing business.

What will your market bear?

If you are charging $19.00 per square foot for a standard flat roman shade, increase the charges as the difficulty of the shade increases.

So you may charge, $25.00 per square foot for a Cloud Shade or $32.00 per square foot for Austrian or Balloon. You may charge less if it’s a small window or depending on the difficulty of the shade.

I have included in this article three links to compare roman shade pricing.

I am not affiliate with any of these businesses. I found them easy to use to determine a price for a making a roman shade.

These links should help you to develop a base line for your charges. I also recommend finding what your market will bear for your area.

Learn how to Take The Fear Out Of Pricing. builds confidence, character, and value to your sewing business.

Always remember you are in business to Make Money "NOT" to give it away.

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